Find my MCC Student Network Account (STEP 1 of 2)

To begin STEP 1 of finding your MCC Student Network Account, please enter:

  1. Your MCC Student Records Account (See your MCC Letter)
  2. Your Birth Date
  3. A Completed Photo Identification Challenge (for security purposes)
Click on the "Find my MCC Student Network Account " button when all items are complete


1. MCC Student Records Account

Enter Your MCC Student Records Account:
(See your letter from MCC, your photo ID or use your M Number):

2. Birth Date

Enter your Birth Date:
(Use the year you were born):

3. Photo Identification Challenge

Click on the images below as directed: a green border will be displayed around your selections.
Click on the "2 Arrows" button to request different images if you can't make a choice.
Curious about why this is here or need more help? Click on the "Question Mark" button.


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