Change Your MCC Student Network Account Password (STEP 1 of 2)

Password Change

You must know your MCC Network Account and current password to use this form.

1. MCC Student Network Account Name

Enter Your MCC Student Network Account Name:
( for Jane Doe, this would be jdoe without the ):

2. Current Password

Enter Your Current Password:

3. New Password

Please select a New Student MCC Network Account Password that meets all of the following criteria:

  1. is at least 8 characters long;
  2. is no more than 16 characters long;
  3. does not contain any spaces or non-English characters;
  4. has not been used in your previous 20 passwords;
  5. does not contain three or more character parts of your account name or full name;
  6. contains at least three of the following four character groups:
    1. English UPPERCASE letters (A through Z);
    2. English lowercase letters (a through z);
    3. Numbers (0 through 9);
    4. and only these Non-alphabetic characters ( ` ~ ! ^ ( ) _ + - { } | [ ] : " ; ' ? , . ).
  7. Finally, if you have already set up your MCC Student E-mail account, the password cannot contain the answer to the Windows Live ID secret question you answered when setting For example, if your Windows Live ID secret question was Mother's birthplace, and Brighton was your answer, your new password can't contain Brighton. This restriction isn't case-sensitive. Therefore, BRIGHTON or brighton can't be used in your new password.
Type a password which meets these requirements in both New Password text boxes.

Enter New Password:
(See directions above):

Confirm New Password:
(See directions above):

4. Photo Identification Challenge

Click on the images below as directed: a green border will be displayed around your selections.
Click on the "2 Arrows" button to request different images if you can't make a choice.
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